Expenses App

PocketBuyer™ is an expenses app that focuses on the real issue.

Expenses App
Apps are everywhere these days. There are apps to manage your social media profiles, share photos with your friends (or the whole world), find a lift, sell secondhand goods, order a pizza, and do just about anything else you can imagine. The reason for this massive rise in the popularity of apps is very simple – they work. Apps have made it easier for people to perform tasks that would have been a lot more time-consuming in the past, or to do things that would simply not be possible without the right app.

The world of expense management has not been overlooked. Several expenses apps have come on to the market recently, all claiming to make businesses more efficient and cost-effective. The problem, though, with many types of expenses apps on offer is that they place the focus in the wrong place.

Too many of these “solutions” are so focused on dealing with opportunity cost issues, e.g. an employee using the time that was taken up on administration tasks related to expense claims to do something more productive, that they miss the point completely. Making it easier and faster to submit, process and reimburse claims for wasteful or non-compliant purchases does not solve the real problem. Taking pro-active steps to actually reduce expenses and stop employees from making non-compliant purchases should be the core focus of any good expenses app.

If you are looking for a simple, effective way to reign in employee-initiated expenses in your business, make sure you get the one app that focuses on directly targeting excessive expenditure: PocketBuyer™

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