Expenses Spreadsheet

Are you tired of the traditional expenses spreadsheet? Try PocketBuyer™ instead.

Expenses Spreadsheet
The trusty old spreadsheet has been a mainstay in many business operations, and used for a variety of purposes, for the last few decades. But it’s time to throw out the expenses spreadsheets in your business – the world has moved on. New technology is fast making the expenses spreadsheets and templates used by so many employees obsolete.

The PocketBuyer™ app is one of the most exciting developments to hit the world of expense management in a long time. Using this app will revolutionize the way your employees initiate, track and claim for expenses. On top of that, using the PocketBuyer™ app improves visibility and compliance – making it easier for management and the accounting team to spot and make a plan to get rid of wasteful or non-compliant expenditure.

Increased visibility also has a big impact on employee behavior. When expenditure is recorded and kept individually by dozens, or hundreds, of employees each using an expenses spreadsheet located on their PC, it is very easy for wasteful expenditure to go unnoticed.

Even if there is a suspicion that wasteful, non-compliant expenditure is taking place, it is extremely difficult to root out. Often the time and expense required to scrutinize each transaction and find the wastage would be so great that it is not considered worthwhile, so things are simply left to continue.

If all expenses are channeled through PocketBuyer™, though, they become highly visible and can be interrogated by means of advanced integrated analytics. This allows management to pinpoint where wasteful expenditure, and who or what is causing it, are coming from, so corrective action can be taken.

Start using the PocketBuyer™ app today and throw away your expenses spreadsheets!