Employee Expense Report

Get rid of the typical employee expense report with PocketBuyer™.

Employee Expense Report
Just imagine being a company department manager with plenty of responsibilities and demands on your time, and then still having to spend time at the end of each week or month poring over several detailed and possibly confusing employee expense reports. Each transaction needs to be scrutinized to make sure it was required, not excessively expensive, and within company policy before you can approve the claim and allow the employee to be reimbursed.

This process can take up a lot of time, and you have no way of knowing whether the items that the employee spent money on were exactly what was required and were purchased at the best possible price. It is also hard to tell during the month just how much expenditure you will be expected to approve when the month’s end rolls around.

The PocketBuyer™ app can make your life as a line manager much less stressful. This revolutionary way to control and reduce expenses removes the need for masses of employee expense report printouts and receipts to be checked and processed. Instead the employee simply logs expenses into the app as they are incurred and can even take a photograph of the receipt and upload it. This allows you, as their manager, to keep tabs on the amount and type of expense that is being incurred in real time, whether the employee is across the road or in another country. No more nasty surprises when the employee expense report shows up in your in tray.

Aside from the visibility that PocketBuyer™ brings to employee expenditure, there is also a strong control and compliance element. If configured properly, PocketBuyer™ will simply not allow the employee to purchase or claim for non-compliant items.

Start using the PocketBuyer™ app today and say goodbye to the long, complicated employee expense report!