Expense Manager

Using PocketBuyer™ is like placing an expense manager in the pocket of every employee.

Expense Manager
In today’s highly pressured and competitive business environment, tightly managing expenses is not a luxury– it’s an absolute necessity.

Maybe we should create a new position in the average company – that of an expense manager, a person solely dedicated to reducing expenses. On second thought, with the amount of wasteful expenditure that goes on in some companies, it may be necessary to employ a whole team of expense managers to try to get things under control.

The problem is, would the savings achieved by these expense managers outweigh the cost of having them? After all, if the measures taken to save money cost more than the expense reduction, it’s not really a saving.

The solution to this problem is actually very simple – make intelligent use of technology. The PocketBuyer™ app is custom-built to help your employees spend less on their business requirements, intensively analyze and report on their buying activity, and prevent them from making purchases that are wasteful or do not comply with company policies and guidelines.

Using PocketBuyer™ is like placing an expense manager in the pocket of every employee – helping them find the best deal on anything they require, analyzing what they spend the company’s money on, and preventing them from making purchases that violate company policies and guidelines.

Companies that make use of PocketBuyer™ find that they save a lot more money by using the system than they spend on it – so it really is like having an expense manager that goes all out to save a lot of money, pays himself a small salary out of the savings, and then hands the balance over to his employer.

Start using the PocketBuyer™ app today and have an expense manager looking over the shoulder of each employee in your organization!