Business Expenses

Make tracking business expenses a breeze with the PocketBuyer™ app.

Business Expenses
These days, businesses operate at a faster pace than ever before. The average employee is under constant pressure to perform, and for many of them, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. It’s no wonder then then that in many businesses, there is some resistance to tracking and reconciling expenses on a constant basis by employees with expense accounts or company credit cards.

However, although individual transactions may be fairly small in relation to the company’s overall expenses, it is still important that these employee-initiated business expenses are tightly controlled and properly recorded. A lot of relatively small transactions can still add up to significant overall business expenses when calculated on a company-wide basis.

One of the reasons employees resist recording, reconciling and submitting business expenses in a timely manner is that it is often just so much hassle. When days are busy and stressful, nobody feels like filling out boring, repetitive forms or grappling with a clumsy, hard-to-use and outdated business expense capture system.

The PocketBuyer™ app takes care of these concerns, increasing compliance with business expense guidelines and yielding useful, relevant data about employee-initiated expenditure by making it easier for employees to easily record and submit expenses on-the-go.

PocketBuyer™ can be installed on any smart phone or tablet, is very easy to use, and seamlessly manages all aspects of the business expense claim process, including claim submission, approval, and reimbursement. The app also helps to curb wasteful and “maverick” expenditure by preventing employees from submitting claims for items that do not comply with company business expense guidelines.

Start using PocketBuyer™ today and discover a business expenses app like no other!