Expense Management

The PocketBuyer™ app is a top-class expense management tool.

Expense Management
For many company accountants, expense management can be a real hassle. This is particularly the case with expenses that are employee-initiated (e.g. travel, accommodation, meals, business entertainment, fuel, etc.)

There is often resistance among employees when it comes to tracking business expenses and submitting reconciliations and claims on time. This is sometimes due to the employee simply not making the effort, but in many cases, employees put off submitting expense management recons and claims because the process is difficult, tedious and time consuming.

A further problem is employees who purchase, or attempt to purchase, goods or services that are unnecessary, over-priced or way over-specified for the basic requirement. Keeping control of multiple employees’ spending activities to make sure that they are not causing wasteful expenditure can be a major challenge, but it is a necessary and vital part of overall expense management.

It can also be very difficult and time-consuming to extract useful data from expenses records, especially if claims are submitted manually and then either processed, approved and reimbursed manually, or via a clunky, outdated system.

The PocketBuyer™ app effectively solves all of these problems. Expenses are captured directly into the app as they occur (photos can be taken of receipts and uploaded as an attachment to the claim, cutting down on paperwork), submitted, approved and queued for reimbursement, all within the app. PocketBuyer™ can also be configured to prevent employees from submitting claims for items that violate company expense management policies and guidelines.

With comprehensive and accurate analytics tools built in to the app, financial managers can quickly and easily view, analyze and export data from the app, making it an extremely useful expense management tool.

Start using PocketBuyer™ today and discover an expense management app like no other!