Expenses App
Basic features any good expenses app should have:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Able to be used on a wide variety of commonly used mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)

More advanced features:

  • Can integrate with relevant third-party software to ensure a seamless end-to-end expense management process.
  • Compliance rules can be added (as per client specification) to make it impossible to claim for items that do not comply with company policy

Revolutionary features (far less common):

  • Total expenses visibility. Unmanaged expenses are a huge problem, as they cause a company to lose money all the time. Every time an overpriced or out-of-policy item is purchased and claimed, the company suffers financial loss. Making these items highly visible and open to scrutiny often changes employee behavior and makes it easier for management to spot excessive expenditure.
  • Corporate discounting. Once the company-wide expenses are highly visible, areas of common expenditure can be easily identified. Ideally the expenses app should be backed by a specialist team that consolidates similar purchases and then sources discounts for the client company.

The PocketBuyer™ expenses app ticks the boxes in all categories, but is especially focused on facilitating corporate discounting through increased visibility.

Some other expenses apps focus solely on the basic, and possibly also the advanced features, i.e. their main purpose is to quantify the size of a company’s expenses problem, not help reduce it. PocketBuyer™ goes way beyond this; it has all of the basic and advanced capabilities of its counterparts, but doesn’t stop there. This particular expenses app is not just a capturing and reporting tool – it is a money-saving one.