Employee Expense Report
How many managers look forward to the end of the month when their staff members start handing in employee expense reports? Now the fun begins; poring over each line entry to make sure there are no inflated claims, claims for unnecessary items, or claims for items that are not allowed in terms of company policy, and checking receipts and other supporting documents.

There is a better way to do this – Automate your employee expense reports submission and approval process with the PocketBuyer™ app.

This app allows employee expense reports to be submitted immediately, whenever and wherever the expenditure occurs via their smart phones or tablets. The claim, complete with images of the receipts, is then sent automatically to the smart phone or tablet of the person who is required to approve it.

But what about supporting documents? Surely they are still required?

The PocketBuyer™ app allows users to simply take photos of receipts using the smart phone or tablet’s built-in camera, and then attach them to the electronic claim as evidence of expenditure. The originals can be retained by the employee if required.

Not only does PocketBuyer™ massively streamline the submission and approval process for employee expense reports, but it also helps to drive down expenses. The app makes expenses highly visible and easy to measure and analyze.

Once this has been done, commonly purchased items can be identified and a single, reputable supplier approached to supply all of the company’s requirements in return for a corporate discount.