Business Expenses
Recently there have been a number of business expenses apps released into the market. Most of these offer similar core benefits, for example:

•   In-field submission. Employees are able to submit and track the progress of expense claims while on the road.

•   Out of policy expenses. Items that clearly fall outside of company policy and business expense guidelines can be blocked, so employees can’t submit claims at all. Items that are borderline or suspicious can be automatically flagged for investigation.

•   Automated checking and consolidation. Claimed items can be automatically checked against guidelines and allowed maximum amounts, and total costs per category, type, region, office employee etc. can be easily consolidated for reporting purposes.

•   Centralized database. Because all claims occur through the same app, business expenses data can be drawn from each installed app and fed into a single database.

•   Reporting. Expense summaries and trend reports can be drawn from the database.

However, most of these apps miss the mark as well, because they are totally focused on quantifying the problem (excessive business expenses) rather than fixing it.

The PocketBuyer™ app offers all of the above benefits, but also adds two more vitally important elements that allow businesses to be proactive in driving down expenses:

•   It creates total expense visibility across the entire organization and across all types of expense

•   This visibility can be used to identify opportunities for corporate discounting of regular purchases, driving down overall business expenses costs. The specialist team that backs up the PocketBuyer™ app will help source regularly used items at the best possible price.