Expense Manager
PocketBuyerâ„¢ is an expense manager type app with a difference. Most expense manager apps on the market today focus only on indirect cost savings, e.g. the time saved by an employee that can then be used to do something else.

This is flawed logic, though, as there is no guarantee the employee will actually do something useful or revenue-generating with the time. It is also very hard to quantify what the actual cost savings are in this case. There is nothing wrong with using an expense manager app to make the workplace more efficient, e.g. getting employees who previously submitted claims via a spreadsheet to now submit these claims via an app. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but it should not stop there.

An employee spending less time and effort submitting expenses claims is a good thing, but what about the items on those claims? There is not much point being more efficient at submitting and processing expense claims if the claims themselves are filled with overpriced, unnecessary or non-compliant items.

The PocketBuyerâ„¢ app has the ability to make expenses highly visible, making them easier to control and manage. This highly-visible data can be used to identify similar purchases being made from multiple suppliers. These purchases can then be consolidated and offered exclusively to a particular supplier in return for a corporate discount.

The specialist team that backs up the PocketBuyerâ„¢ app will assist clients to find the most cost-effective deal on any required item, with the savings achieved far outweighing the cost of the service.