Revolutionising Expense Management

Increased Visibility

Unmanaged expense means your business is losing money over and over again. With PocketBuyer, knowing where your money is going and taking action to control it has never been easier.

Corporate Discounting

We source discounts for expenses that your employees make, so you feel confident knowing you’re getting the best deal for minor purchases time and time again.

Revolutionising Expense Management

PocketBuyer is here to change the world of expense management by providing you with cost visibility and access to employee expense discounts.

Streamline compliance, increase expense visibility, and get access to corporate discounting to reduce large expenditure. PocketBuyer offers incredible insight into where capital is going for minor purchases, so tactics can be implemented to reduce spend and ultimately maximize profits. What makes this app inherently revolutionary, however, is how we source discounts for the expenses your team incurs time and time again, so you know you’re never overspending.

Process Integration

Integrate PocketBuyer with third-party software (e.g. Xero) to automate the expense submission process and give your employees time to focus on the more important stuff.

Improved Compliance

PocketBuyer allows you to add compliance rules to stop employees from submitting out-of-policy expenses.


“PocketBuyer is bound to revolutionise the expense management industry. By allowing employers access to large corporate discounts, PocketBuyer will empower SMEs and directly reduce spend where current competitors only focus on process improvement.”


James Fogg

CEO, Wave Infusionst

AED 2200

per employee
Average savings from processing per month

AED 1200

per employee
Corporate discount savings per month

AED 3400

per employee
Total savings per month